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Examples of  regular Workshop services.

There are too many jobs to list so please contact us if your issue is not listed. 

Inner Tube replacement : £10 (see note below)

Tyre replacement : £12.50 (see note below)

Tubeless Setup : from £20 per tyre

Hub Service : from £25

Wheel Truing : from £20 per wheel

Spoke(s) replacement and Truing : from £27

Wheel Build : POA - Call to discuss

Size & Fit new Chain : £12

Fit new Cassette : £12

Fit new Chainrings : £20

Service and index of gears : £25

Full Drivetrain Deep Clean : £25

Replace brake or gear cable inner/outer (externally routed) : £10

Replace brake or gear inner/outer (internally routed) : £22

Fit new brake pads (rim & disc) : £10 per wheel

Brake Check/Adjustment : £7 per wheel

Hydraulic Brake Bleed : from £25 per brake

Headset Service : from £25

Bottom Bracket service : £25

Replace pedals : £15

Replace cranks : £20

Fit Bar Tape : £15

Fit/Change Handlebars : £30-£45 (dependent on cable routing)

BB30 Bottom bracket


Forks and Shocks can be expensive and need regular servicing to make sure they work efficiently and safely for you. 

We offer 2 levels of service;

Full Service 

full strip down service of these costly components is a specialist job.

For a FULL SERVICE I will remove your Forks and/or Shocks carefully and send them to a reputable and specialist company for servicing. 


Buxted Bike Workshop Service

We do offer a lower level of servicing in the Workshop to keep your bike running well


Lower leg service - removal of lower leg and condition check; oil replacement; check/replacement of seals.


Air can service - removal of rear shock; cleaning and condition check; check/replacement of seals.  


Linkage/Pivot Bearing service - disassembly of the rear frame, Cleaning and check/replacement of bearings. 

Contact me to discuss the options and prices


NOTE - As a matter of course, air pressures will be checked on all bikes under going a General Service 


Damage can occur but don't despair as most things are fixable.

We can arrange with a partner Carbon Frame specialist to get your frame mended and good as new.

Contact me to discuss


**Pricing covers labour only**

Best value quality parts will be sourced to keep costs reasonable.

Customer requested parts/brands will be sourced as economically as possible.

A charge will be made for bikes that require cleaning before work can be undertaken.

You will be contacted to discuss any additional major work/part replacement beforehand. 

Nothing will be done without your prior agreement


Cycling helps the planet - we all know that.

To make it even greener The Buxted Bike Workshop has teamed up with our friends at Bike Repair Box to recycle your tyres and inner tubes through the Velorim Scheme.

To do this a disposal charge of 55p per tyre and 22p per inner tube will be applied.

Thanks for doing your bit to help make cycling even more worthwhile! 

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